Two White Home officers concede Trump has not been examined day by day for coronavirus

Sam Kass, former White House chef and advisor to First Lady Michelle Obama, voiced his anger at the Trump administration’s handling of coronavirus in relation to White House staff.

In a four-minute Instagram video posted on Wednesday, Kass voiced his outrage after reports that dormitory workers were in danger.

“We’re actually starting to learn that there’s a big cover-up going on there. There was no transparency … and it endangers real life, “Kass told CNN in an interview on Wednesday afternoon.

Following a report in the New York Times that found two housekeeping staff tested positive and asked for discretion, Kass pointed out the possibility that other potential close contacts were not informed internally.

“There were communication gaps where people had no idea what was going on and lack of communication. From what I heard, they didn’t know what was crazy, ”he said.

In his opinion, both President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, who was diagnosed with Covid-19 last week, should not be in the White House for “not equipping” the residence staff to deal with infectious diseases, and rather in the care of trained medical professionals.

Kass outlined the potential for cross-contamination – although the east wing introduced a mask policy at the beginning of the pandemic, the west wing did not. And the staff at the residence are often near the west wing, arranging and hosting events in the East Room and the rose garden, among other things. He said the guidelines on dueling masks demonstrated the government’s “incompetence and hypocrisy”.

“It means they knew they should wear masks. That is the policy in your house. They knew people should test frequently, if not daily. They let the rest of their staff exposed with no rules and how dare they, ”he said.

Many of the workspaces used by the dormitory staff are extremely small and can sprawl, including the pastry shop, which Kass says is “like a walk-in closet,” and “tiny little underground offices,” including the joinery engineering room and electrician’s office.

Kass said he was “horrified” by pictures of the president who came into the residence without a mask from the Truman balcony after returning from the hospital.

“I just couldn’t see myself being so negligent about the lives of these people who are there to serve and care for you. It was so unrecognizable that everything I know about this place is true, the spirit, the camaraderie, the care people take for one another. I just couldn’t believe my eyes, ”he said.

He said he felt compelled to speak up because the residence staff with a long history of discretion would not speak for themselves.

“There is a deep tradition at the residence of being believably discreet and never speaking, and I know they won’t,” he said. “The privacy of the first family is synonymous. They would never violate that trust even if their own life was in danger. “

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