Tyson intends on pulling no punches in boxing comeback with Jones Jr — RT Sport Information

The great boxer Mike Tyson says he will enter the comeback battle against ring icon Roy Jones Jr. next month to “deactivate” his opponent.

The 54-year-old Tyson will end his 15-year hiatus from the ring in the exhibition game on November 28 with 51-year-old Jones next month, despite the former undisputed world champion not throwing a punch into anger in a decade and a half, he says that his desire to win is as strong as it was during his heavyweight heyday.

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“My mindset is totally happy,” said Tyson during the virtual press conference Thursday night with the two fighters.

“It’s something I’ve been doing all my life since I was 13 years old. I’m more developed now than ever. My goal is to go there with the best of intentions of my life and disable my opponent.” and that is exactly it. “

Tyson’s comeback was the result of a series of training videos he posted on his social media platforms throughout the summer that showed the former professional in fantastic shape, and showing very little of his famous speed and thundering in his years outside Strength has left the ring.

For Jones, however, he enters the fight on a similar path. Now more than two years away from his last professional fight, Jones has a reputation for being one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of his day, and he says the fight is an opportunity to do what he hasn’t in all of his time has reached 75-fight career – face Mike Tyson.

“Have you ever fought Mike Tyson?” Jones said about the most common question he was asked during his career.

“Now I don’t have to say ‘no’ anymore. I’m so happy to have this opportunity because now I can say, ‘Yes, I did. I really did it.’ And you know what? Tune in on the 28th and you’ll see how it goes. “

The fight marks the first step in Tyson’s proposed “Legends Only” boxing league, in which he predicts other boxing legends might face each other – and he didn’t rule out putting on his gloves again after the Jones fight.

“I’ll go while the league works,” said Tyson. “I will do that and I will help many people. And my legend will be that I have given a lot more than I have taken.”

And since the fight is billed as a dream game between two icons of the sport, Jones is just as curious as the fans to see what will happen in the ring on November 28th.

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“I always wanted to see how I would fare with Mike,” said Jones. “How his punches would get on me. Could I avoid them? How long could I avoid them? Could he avoid mine? Could he take mine?

“There have always been a lot of questions. So if you have the chance to answer them, of course you want to answer those questions. You gave me the opportunity, you know what? I have to answer those questions now.”

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