US election 2020: Trump able to return to public occasions, says physician

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President Trump is said to have reacted “very well” to his treatment with Covid

US President Donald Trump has completed his treatment for Covid-19 and can return to public engagements this weekend, his doctor said.

Dr. Sean Conley said the president responded “very well” to drugs and “remained stable”.

Mr Trump later said he would likely do another Covid test on Friday, hoping to hold a rally over the weekend.

The president had previously withdrawn from the televised debate with Democratic rival Joe Biden next Thursday.

He said he would “not waste my time on a virtual debate” after organizers said it would have to be done remotely as Mr Trump tested positive for coronavirus.

The move sparked a series on how and when further debates would take place.

Meanwhile, House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful Democrat in Washington, said she plans to legislate on Friday to set up a commission to assess Mr. Trump’s eligibility.

A statement announcing the move stated that the commission would be set up under the 25th Amendment, which sets out how a seated president can be stripped of power if deemed incapable will perform the duties of the office.

Ms. Pelosi told reporters Thursday that serious questions regarding Mr. Trump’s health were still unanswered, describing the president as in “an altered state”.

Serious review of the measure is unlikely, but will serve as a policy tool to ask questions about Mr Trump’s health, the Associated Press reports.

Mr Trump called Ms. Pelosi “crazy” and said she was “the one who should be watched”.

What’s the latest on Trump’s health?

In a memo released by the White House Thursday night, Dr. Conley, Mr. Trump has shown no evidence “that the disease is suspected to be progressing”.

“Saturday has been day 10 since then [last] Thursday’s diagnosis and based on the history of advanced diagnostics the team has conducted, I fully anticipate the president’s safe return to public engagement at this point, “added the memo.

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Previously, Dr. Conley, if the state of the president stays the same or improves throughout the weekend and into Monday, “we shall all take that last, deep sigh of relief.”

Speaking to Fox News late Thursday, Trump said he was feeling “really good” and was hoping to hold a campaign rally on Saturday night, possibly in Florida.

How did the debate series develop?

It began with the announcement by the Presidential Debate Commission that candidates would participate in the Miami debate on October 15, “from various remote locations … to protect the health and safety of all concerned”.

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Media signatureWho really decides on the US elections?

This enraged the president, who said in a telephone interview with Fox Business Channel that he was unwilling to “sit behind a computer in a ridiculous manner”.

Mr Biden said the president had “changed his mind every second” and his campaign team added that Mr Trump “clearly does not want to ask voters questions”.

The Trump campaign replied, and manager Bill Stepien said the commission’s decision to “rush to Joe Biden’s defense” was “pathetic,” adding that Mr. Trump would hold a rally on the same day instead.

The Biden team then suggested continuing the city hall-style debate planned for Miami on October 22nd instead.

This brought about a brief moment of agreement, at least at this point.

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Joe Biden: “You never know what will come out of your mouth”

However, the Trump team said there should be a third personal debate – on October 29, just five days before the vote.

However, the Biden team said the debates could only be scheduled on the three dates already agreed: September 29, October 15 and October 22.

On October 15, Mr. Biden will now attend his own primetime ABC event and answer questions from voters.

It is difficult to determine which format a Biden-Trump debate will take on.

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The first presidential debate on September 29 led to insults and interruptions. The Vice Presidential Debate, which took place Wednesday night between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, was a far more measured affair.

The US elections will take place on November 3rd. Recent opinion polls suggest that Mr Biden’s lead has increased since the president’s initial debate and coronavirus diagnosis. The Democratic candidate has a steady single-digit lead in the few major US states that decide who wins the White House.

Six million ballots have already been cast in the early voting.

What else did Trump say to Fox?

Regarding the problem of his health, Mr. Trump said, “I’m back because I’m a perfect physical specimen.”

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He said he had stopped taking most “therapeutics” but was still taking steroids and would be tested for Covid “soon” again.

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Media signatureFour Covid Rules Broken by Trump and the White House

Although his doctor has said he has no more symptoms, questions remain as to when the president was first infected and whether he could still be contagious.

And while the names of many of the people who have interacted with the President and tested positive are now known, it remains unclear how many have been exposed in the White House. There are new Covid security measures there.

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The White House is still trying to deal with a Covid-19 outbreak

One of the top Republicans, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, said Thursday he hasn’t been to the White House since Aug. 6 because his approach to treating Covid with social distancing and masks was “different from mine and what I suggested. ” the Senate”.

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Mr Trump said Thursday that “someone came in and people got infected” but did not provide any further details.

A September 26 rally to announce the Supreme Court election of Mr. Trump was viewed as a possible “super-spreader” event with several attendees known to test positive.

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