VP Debate Rankings Regular With 2016 Sit-Down As Harris & Pence Face Off – Deadline

From the day it was announced, we all knew that a vice presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence would be different, and not just because of the plexiglass and other coronavirus security measures.

Even so, the meeting between the first black woman on a national ticket and the incumbent vice president, anemically moderated by USA Today’s Susan Page, was a more traditional event in this downright untraditional election year. Well, with the exception of the bow tie, perhaps, which hung from the silver hair of the current Veep for a while.

Ultimately, the widespread first and only 2020 campaign VP debate likely hasn’t changed much in the race ahead of the last few weeks, as Donald Trump unsurprisingly stomped on his buddy in the sun this morning.

Donald Trump says he won’t have the next debate after the commission decides to go virtual

Perhaps that is why many Americans have not adjusted to watch.

Approximately 21.3 million according to early Nielsen viewership.

Well, this unadjusted and raw data is only from ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox and is sure to change today. At this point, however, the 2020 VP debate among viewers dropped 2.4% compared to the 2016 VP debate between then-governor of Indiana, Pence, and Hillary Clinton’s fellow campaigner Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) about the Big 4 .

All in all, in a time of declining first-round viewers, this is still a lot of eyeballs for the performance’s contenders who FDR’s disloyal first veep John Nance Garner once said was “not worth a bucket of warm piss.”

The tamest veep debate since 2000, the tame 2016 vice president between the two career male politicians, drew a total of 37.1 million people across ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS, CNN, FBN, FNC and MSNBC. In a highly competitive race four years ago, that was far less than the 84 million who saw the first POTUS debate battle between ex-Secretary of State Clinton and former celebrity apprentice host Trump on September 26, 2016.

We’ll update with more reviews and viewers for the 2020 VP debate when those metrics come from the Cabler newbies and other outlets hosting the Harris vs. Radiate pence.

Unlike four years ago, NBC was not at the top of the first ratings this time around. This award goes to ABC and its 7.7 million viewers and a rating of 1.7 for adults between 18 and 49 years of age. Comcast’s own network had 5.3 million viewers and a rating of 1.2. CBS got 4.3 million viewers and a rating of 0.9 on the demo, and Fox had a rating of 1.0 and 3.9 million viewers.

Even with the addition of Fox News Channel, CNN, and MSNBC numbers, it is currently very unlikely that the 2020 VP debate will reach the dizzying heights of the 2008 VP debate. The sidekick event that began in 1976 with Bob Dole and Walter Mondale was the most haunted VP debate of all time than the 70 million that then Delaware Senator Joe Biden had with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin , met.

This was the second time a woman was on the ticket.

The first time was in 1984, when Rep. Geraldine Ferraro was the running mate of the former VP Mondale. The second most popular VP debate up to that year, the clash between Ferraro and reigning George HW Bush on October 11, 1984, drew 56.7 million viewers on ABC, NBC and CBS.

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