Wayne Knight Reprises Newman From ‘Seinfeld’ In PSA On Mail Voting – Deadline

One of America’s most famous postmen is back with some safe words for voters who want to post their ballot papers.

Wayne Knight, best remembered as the vicious postman Newman from Seinfeld, teamed up with Veep Showrunner and former Seinfeld writer-producer David Mandel in a short video. The short film lets us know the mail will go through regardless of what some in the Trump administration might suggest.

The new ad was commissioned by PACRONYM, a Democratic super-PAC, and is an reassurance to the public that the ballot papers will get through, even if your Time Magazine subscription may be a little late in arriving.

Knight had refused to revive his legendary Newman character but felt compelled to repeat the role in the face of the attacks on the postal system and its service.

See the video above for details.

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