YFN Lucci Pictured In The Mattress With Up-And-Coming Rapper Armani Caesar

YFN Lucci turned heads today after being pictured in bed with an aspiring rapper, sparking rumors of a possible new relationship.

YFN Lucci appeared to be booing with Armani Caesar, who identifies herself as the First Lady of Griselda Records after her signature on the label was announced last summer.

While it’s not immediately clear if the two were just doing a kick or if this was some kind of behind-the-scenes look at a video, it seemed that the two had some chemistry.

In the pictures, Armani, who is dressed in lingerie, is lying on the bed with Lucci. They seem close but not very intimate.

But the pictures alone sent shock waves through IG and fans have wondered if Lucci has finally moved on from his ex, Reginae Carter.

As for Armani Caesar, we know she is visiting Buffalo, New York, again and is the only woman signed to Griselda Records. She also appears to have a small IG boutique.

Fans suspected that YFN Lucci and Reginae were still secretly together after their public split as they at least appeared to be friends, but this picture could prove that Lucci really moved on.

Reginae announced in an interview with Page 6 in May that she would “not make anyone famous again” after her separation from Lucci.

“I don’t put guys on the show,” said Reginae six months after ending her relationship with YFN Lucci. “I don’t make anyone famous. I don’t attract anyone anymore. “

Since then, the couple seems at least to be cordial. We will keep you informed about updates.

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